Let's move

Baltimore, forward.



The Candidate

Brandon is a lifelong Baltimore resident who was unanimously elected President of the City Council in 2012. Campaigning on a progressive, anti-corruption platform, he has led the charge to reform Baltimore’s criminal justice system and spearheaded major legislation around minimum wage increases and community investments.

In September, Brandon announced his candidacy for Baltimore’s mayoral race to bring “transformational” change to the embattled city.

The Need

Early on, Brandon’s team recognized the importance of communicating to constituents through digital media. They needed a platform to share Brandon’s message of authenticity with an audience as diverse as Baltimore City.

The Outcome

After joining the campaign, our team executed a rapid build process to launch Brandon’s new website in less than a week. Establishing his digital primacy in the race, we unleashed a flurry of digital ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google that dominated the conversation online.

One particularly impactful hack was our optimization of Brandon’s Google Ad spend. By buying out the keywords of all prominent contenders, we ensured he was not just in control of his own Google rankings, but actually appeared above his top opponents, Jack Young and Sheila Dixon, when their own supporters searched them by name.

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